lunedì 25 luglio 2011

The energy that attracts

We exposed, declared to the universe. Meaningful gestures or not, we did respond and his law ...
Shouting their divine always leads to the test.
From the mists of time, we are under this influence. It sounds like a legend, a story, often in everyone's lives that influence. We are energy in our integrity, as we expose the thought that attracts energy. We have invoked the name of our energy and our manifesto.Our leadership, we pray and we show, we often projected events that will test what we have held. Happen, this is the law of the universe that we call us, we will face a challenge, hard and painful. This seems the prank, but a test mail in the name of a proclaimed that we will run indefinitely, will in its absolute truth. We will be told to strong and hard, the proof will be email to us with a sense of focus on our strength, moral pain that comes and we do not understand it immediately.
We will live a drama, and tell me why, do not understand it. For too long we were only rational. This will give the chance to prove who we are, starting from a point not in favor. Do not understand the opportunity that is happening, but we will live this evil "begins, will drop the false claims that we have said. Then the weather will understand, I'll get to live and be aware of this attraction that we have created. Being strong, leading to a strong response and as such evidence is hard to proclaim the answer. To overcome this or not, remains an individual moment, but that should make us think that we expose ourselves and our ideals. We manifest, moving masses of energy which in turn attract the masses, and we know everything will be in true that we said. If we are in the manifestation of the ego, it will happen is the challenge that we have attracted a divine law and no one escapes from it.
Conversely we will attract positive life if we are in the heart with this intention, the lament is often our source of communication, this does not attract anything but the worse our lives. Let us often in our shows on the loneliness dell'am0re and as a response occurs. It seems complex reasoning, but it should not be the case because if we do that happens often in our days and weeks, we will see that the theory is real.
Us when we call upon the false always, sooner or later put to the test, when we call a way we are misled, the error is simply the manifestation and ask. It may seem strange, but trying for a time limit because in this serene and truth, but will attract positive energy and often the best things happen. Do not expose the false or request, but we will say only our truth in its humblest form, without the expectation ourselves, much less projecting anything to anyone.In this case will attract to us the truths of the heart, love and joy come to pass, but miracles do not happen to be created!
One can think of a fantasy about extreme, well I tell you! Try it and chops, then tell thousands of words that nothing happens. If we live in pretense, nothing happens, we will attract more and only false and disappointment. Evidence that there will be placed in the name of and if we are strong confirmations of the truth that our lives in us, we had a chance to understand and this is a treasure in our lives.
Everything seems to always imagined the extent to which we dare not try it, resides in us a lot and once in a lifetime you have to try to reverse the pattern that defines our reason. The reason we often have too much rationality and this does not always lead you to discover new things that give the path of light and supreme happiness.

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