sabato 16 luglio 2011

Words of lies

He said I love you, but I can not stay, you are ... words and words not to say what really is the thought, we listen and slope of the phrases that we are destroying the heart, false and useless, hopeless and without reason. This is the torment of a love that ends ..
The phrases are two blades that cut life to say if those end of a relationship where you love has been the imperative. It's no use to say, prove it, often the end is inevitable and we are instantly gunned down. Start the slow deterioration of the mind puts in place, with sublime skill and wounded by the questions begin: guilt, my, his, because ..
This is a real event that occurs. The confusion is complete and we are helpless, self-esteem and everything falls slowly disappears. We would like to help, but who will listen then? Then the audience will understand? Too many traps that begin to mature and often the answers that are given, are projections of the past, others find that nothing in our time. This will be the procession that could be subjected: the pain of a love that ends up as people get wise and want to impose their pseudo-wisdom, made of personal events and personal ideas, but this is not the solution of the open wound that we have. The weather on this occasion is the best ally, everything passes, but this move should be a real positive development, the drag an event without understanding it in its entirety, takes forever just to put in a position to be different than the feeling of ' love.
Then many people have about magic formulas, but this is and remains an experience of others. We in this case we are subjects and not others, and unique individual with many different capillaries that live in the mind and soul. No one is us, and we do not nobody in this alone is not injured in the feeling that we have matured and lived with someone. Often the return to peace calls for a further sacrifice and many think that the weight of what is already too much to bear, rules and regulations that we have the mindset that is projective and see the future as a last resort, but this is only the limit that one wants to ask.
Let us ask ourselves a challenge in the name of life and love, let's do it again and this is a way to resurrect the past that without the train of life still prevails we will do. To say the end is complex, but its complexity is found in much more than what it was and this always happens: it is an experience that leads us to awareness if it is lived by accepting the final challenge ..
The challenge begins with accepting the fact, and not live with the guilt. Not giving reasons of fate and religion, or not thinking that the Creator has given us a kick, no one is punished. He loves her, and we remain on earth brings voices in our beautiful imperfection and as such does not need to blame or put. Let's get rid of this now, we begin to react to get out and live in our normal as ever, cry and let's do it! Nothing wrong with that, the tears shed the feelings and not make them stagnate, and we live all over appreziamolo. You say this madness, no it is not! All that happens is a gift that is not always and only place and we think the misfortune. In what happens is always a side that does not think and if not now see him in time.
These are simple ideas back to life: to live, understand and accept, in this effort so much, I might even say meditation helps, but it remains a barrier for many as a conceptual thing, not knowing and not having experienced it. Meditation in these cases acts as a mirror of truth that brings clarity in the mind and raises the prospect of more in men even in these situations, we all spent at least once in their lifetime.
This paper remains a mere suggestion, by those who love and loves to love, and lives in a whole life without ever pulling back on what happens on the road. Acceptance is the word that sounds like an echo in this simple story.

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