giovedì 7 luglio 2011

Heard in the deep

You know who you are, you know, you see, touch you, but in the end six field that appears, a breath is trivial to you, is to live, but there is breath in this' much more, is alive, is energy that flows and you're still not aware of ..
For too long you have been tied to that touch and feel, plain and indisputable, but listening through the breath, which comes out slow and slowly penetrates us, having a time of day for this opportunity and opportunity to say a simple reason, once felt it includes as an involuntary gesture and spontaneous act to make us live, you can transform into a truly listening to our deepest being.
This happens simply because listening to him, being focused on our breath, we have a moment of complete detachment from the mind and its receptors, we screened in a different dimension, that sometimes has deep liberatoria.Tal time because of the reactions that after doing this gesture, if we want to call, (in practice it is a principle of meditation), we have a very strong emotional sensitivity.This reaction is always the case initially, then if you change the well-being practiced, but if we have emotions or thoughts, stagnant or repressed, they emerge and are exposed. So the question is why do this, then when the pain resurfaces? If pain is never exceeded resurfaces, this is simply a psychological concept, but in that sense, into the merits of psychology, but I expose how important it is to get in touch with themselves in the depths of our existence.It 'a desire to try a different feeling, that puts us in touch and listens to us "we in us," Obviously this is a principle, simple and enforceable, and that has a base for those who at times feels with that inner discomfort, also explained that if no peace, because of the anniversary of something, like a Jiminy Cricket that we torture, but not only does it make if a person always has problems, they also perform as a method of relaxation and as a true Research into what we do not know. There are many possibilities by listening to the breath gives.
It 'a solid base as mentioned above, which allows us to enter the first stage, which then leads to meditation, the main difference is that in meditating concentrations apply at certain points, the hands assume various postures, mantras are recited and of course mentally, that spoken. But having a first contact is useful and easy to get to know the potential of the mind and meditation, this is a test, which is often the first evidence is puzzling because of the feelings that are variants, and reactions posthumously. But as stated above are only initial steps and here plays the main factor consistency (it is a commitment to ourselves), that is often lacking, partly because in human nature, you always want the shortcut, so immediate and quick solutions. But as life always teaches, nothing is the moment to arrive to excel, it is always a journey where the universal rule is applied, then say you do not need and that there are different methods, but it is reasonable to think a simple thing: One, the end result, and according to the strength of the real truth, which is not an easy read books and identify with the concept, but apply it in its entirety, since this is a knowledge that has been handed down for millennia.
This must be designed and identified himself, then, you'll never find, lost time in having and not having achieved anything, it takes practice deep listening and reading, say, even mystical arrivals, but I can only imagine what will come, also because dedication in practice as a simple listen through your breath, it's tangible and does not require reading, but perseverance and a bit of courage, not to be found to "give up" the thing, because the dell'affiorare so-called "junk "mental.
It remains to apply this simple and, as always, free to think about, but I can say that meditating every day I received a lot from this and share it is nice and fair, because it is the welfare of all and not a few.
Happiness is a right and as such we have it in us, this is a way of always ...

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