martedì 26 luglio 2011

The streets of the freedom of the heart

Parentheses delineate spaces, one written to define what we would then be. It happens in life that flows like a book without end in the pages that we write ..
Blank pages facing our written, this is often lacking, is the voice and nothing else. We want freedom, but will never fight for it. They will want and not a reflection of the deep. Who are we? Let us ask the question and the answer that will live in its intensity. Do not run away now, take what is exposed and Let's hear it. The answer will not be welcome and this happens. We are often too focused on outdoor living and little in life that exists in us, we are dissociated in this unfortunate and all too often.
They will say that every day is not the same, but what they say is never what we would like to say. Let us open to life and listen to the answer that is out of us, that is the truth that exists in us. The streets of the freedom of heart, arise when we pose the question that we will hear the answer and not embraced escaping. Unnecessary words that we expose, complaints, and decadence that we highlight, none of this really is listening. Everyone listens but no one can tell the real answer that we need.
The answer with a question if placed deep within us, not long in coming. It 'always ready, was awaiting them the way that we seek. But this does not say that we are then ready to accept what will be revealed. We are often victims of ourselves and serve the ego, which would open the way to the answer that the freedom of the heart we say no. NO is afraid that thin, the exposed portion is inversely love. We will say at this point that I can do, simply. And this will always exclude the static life that our freedom. For once we can be strong and fully accept the response that we had. We will listen to us at that moment and taking what will happen without forgetting anything, will break the path of the ego and begin the path of the soul and freedom of heart.
The heart is our center of energy stronger and if we do expose and accept the answer that we will have seats, and that the soul will be endorsed, we will be in contact with life. We will be free at that time. It seems absurd and often we try to stem huge vortices with the direct route to our center. In the end the best way is always the shortest in this case, not to ask anyone and do it with us. When we place please take 5 minutes of total silence and breathe and stay in touch with our breath. Permettiamoli joining us with his vitality, Let's hear it live. Let us follow the question who we are and as if by magic in my mind we will see life in its real form. Past and present unresolved will surface and we understand what to do, that's the real answer that will set the first step towards the path of freedom.
The heart never lies and soul has expanded his world the truth that we can not be changed. If one wants the freedom to accept themselves and accept that the truth is this and what emerges at this juncture where it will touch our deep. The challenge is great in this.Nothing is free in our existence and as such, if the desire is, to be free and loving with our hearts and live his glory, we must accept that this is a challenge and the challenges we win only if we know that nothing falls. To believe is our strength that we never give up and accept it, are the elements that lead us anywhere we want, the rest is the mystery that we will discover the path. Not everything is certain and that is the beauty of life, are useless if they fall, then the patterns that demoralize, live and grow us in the present of our hearts, what will the post to find out ... let him

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