mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

The thought of you

The morning light I see reflected in her face, voice, music that makes me fly. Heaven awaits ...
Eternal promises that are made in the name of the heart, promises that come into us and thoughts turn to this as we are in the flowering cherry trees, white flowers and white. And 'love.
Nice to be in the way of what the heart wants, without reason and without doubt for that which gripped the mind asks. No lien is paid and no gift is given, if the thought is deep and spontaneous, he will come to light in the heart of who comes and touches us, what we will be free. We will never be happy unless we have the eternal paradise, which lives in us and the gate closed and our sweet thought comes to him or her at that time lived in our breath.
The breath of the lover, and resounds in unison like a mantra that vibrates touching the infinite, and everything connects. We are one of two souls in a new world and always met. We are men and women with our defects in the sight of all. But at that moment that we are free and united nothing touches our spiral shape that is made. We are the flame that burns and rises upwards, we are the color of red at the base, and then become one with the blue and the sky that we have touched with your finger. Celestial Union ...
This fall will be and sometimes, not all relationships last.
This is a divine sign that puts our lives in comparison with life, but never an obstacle. We can live again and to experience it all and teaches the thought that we put in that situation will not be in vain. Every gesture that speaks of love, returned to us talking about love. We will live even hatred, if our emotions will be broken by what happened to tell a story. The hatred in us will take him and thought, if we remember that those around us will feel angry, even if words do not say, and they too will become restless. Comprendiamolo smaltiamolo quickly and we do not voice hatred. Too little and there in the world it is truly dissolved. We live in what makes us shiny and seek the solution to avoid being victims twice, if a relationship will end.Living in bloom is beautiful, but this does not always belong to all seasons and the years that we will live. We have no sense of time, let alone the future be described first.
The thought of you, must always be the first thought of us, and we must evolve the way that leads to remorse and regret, much less hatred. All I want the thought, is simply to be the channel where anything goes and everything touches. If we understand that life is a form of stream, we will understand why having a clean mind is the most important gift we have.
We predict a decision, which is then thought to carry in his candor, we begin to know us deeply. Comprendiamoci and we really ready for another life time. Love her and everything will be the cycle of life that we live. I will not say that always the way is to give this deep meditation, and so is my way of others. Everyone has to find its size without avoiding the possibilities that now exist. At the end is the only investment that really worth doing in life.
The thought of you then it will be, the thought that comes to all, and in it the way that will make everything wonderful in the ever ....

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