sabato 16 luglio 2011

Architecture in the love of life

Geometric shapes in the mind to remember what you want to highlight, draw lines and patterns that you can not control ...Fear of being in love again? Refusal of yourself to life like a pendulum that swings between the true and the false non-stop.
No one will give you the certainty of what you feel for him. The feelings are in the heart, an immense sea, love follows the tides of life.
Told the truth one day. Admission of fear that silence hides you, solves nothing and nothing will cure. To love is to build the pyramid sun, love is to build a mass that expands indefinitely anywhere. Difficult to explain to the deaf man said, but the movement of life becomes luminous in the color purple. Purple in color than the end of the ideological structure built by living as a drama failures and fears. Architecture of the pyramid: the apex where there is demand and the demand sides and the edges that you can not cross. They are steep and no one can get. See yourself and revise / or in this? Maybe it's time to live with open eyes and heart, nothing is right and nothing is duty, and love Let us experience. We go into this for a while and feel the cold fear that your back, Let's hear it and understand that we have to put limits on ourselves.
The mind plays with us in this. The mind is a processing element with endless possibilities for development, this outlines the perfidy that affect it, but we need it we are not animals by instinct, we are men with a mind less and less open to life and that remains this? Nothing, we may decide to mate unlike the beasts who live in this cycle, we can decide a lot and we finally moved from concepts that always lead to pain. Perhaps this will make sense, but for me it's just a private expansion of happiness within us is limitless.
We are kings and queens who lives in a castle oblivion and the weather creates mental feuds ever larger, we're just not for us and for others and this leads to the end of feeling the feeling of love. We have created structures in the mind, and media stereotypes of life, we humans are always having to put schemes and now someone crying at the edge of life.
They will say that life is strong, but who says this is the first weak. Will not be the words of a blog to exchange ideas stale, of course it will be a personal reflection by the time that listening to the souls of the night he gave me. I am listening to these patterns in the words of one theme to follow as ocean waves, I understand the dilemma that many have already claimed more than 20 years.Sadness has become the queen who rules in this are many and perhaps too many people lose their sense of life and love.
Love is not a pattern and everything we see is a fake: the status symbol that we hear and see do not help us understand that life is the challenge and we are capable of this. We must not surrender to what we see and never stop the mindset that puts fears and puts us in default with respect to a natural character that lives in us: love. Maybe the message does not hit anyone, but the time of tears is always behind the door ..
Who has time to lose no time, ever.

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