giovedì 7 luglio 2011

Trespasses ...

To lose the sight of your trespass, in the silent ocean blue heaven that stirs in you the moment that soothes, all strays beyond what you see, happy island paradise of context ...Are you in the dream you wanted now.
He waited to see what they want to show the recurring dream, endless loves riding waves without fear of saying words to touch your heart, but this dream is imagination, and remains. Would that all come true, everything goes in the direction that you ask, I would like your principle, and without seeing what you can.Laments that quiver in the mind engrossed by what the night in his vision in black and white and shows where everything comes true, but only until you're deep in sleep, the stars observed.
Beautiful ... Beautiful living that moment in which everything can and nothing can be, but this is fiction. You realize the harsh reality where everything is color, six hours and stay awake to hear stories that you heard in the night, and then imagine what would have to live them ...Then you turn around, it's time to go.
All that color around to surround the life off, glow, light almost pain, running after time but he will not stop, remains constant.
Night falls again, and everything goes back into the dream life of the manipulator and its appearance in a joyous and festive, hides behind a lot more than you think. Do not see the truth, like a candle that slowly consumed by its flame unifies the way you are losing you.
Unnecessary words rising in the morning you mutter, are frames of paradise that you live, but life is elsewhere. Everything is absurd and painful in this life. Rebellion that a careful way than you want, but that will soon be like the wave that emerges in you and then return spills in the peace of the blue ocean extreme really see. Do it and do not bother, everything is bright and looks around you.
Reasons for and wants is pain that does not want to face a mirror of life that is broken, do not you see that distorted the image of a broken glass that never show who you are. Limit and increasing pain that remains. All around waiting for you to believe in what can happen, you're alone but not without strength.
One day everything will change, this is always the dream is no longer true that night, but without appearing becomes real does not announce that wait in the night, but everything comes and gives color and shine. Appreciate life will be what happens, you will be in color and non-neutral color of a thought that speaks of a will, this is a fate if we believe watching the sun rise in its luminescence radiating everything and everyone, this is what life will, sooner or later ....
Life remains in you, in you is the creation, in you to now is the illusion of a dream that shows in his heaven. Take it and do not think it, live it and be full of life. It does not matter what will happen slowly and are experiences that give you to find women in all its splendor.

Ocean that awaits the calm, the live broadcast and be in it now.

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