mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

Tears in the river

We are now lovers, we live close and never far away. Words of life to declare our feelings.
Walk closer and never separate, different worlds coming together. Everything seems perfect for people living sentiment, there are no gaps, different characters, but it does not matter that love conquers all is to endure. From this we saw two bodies together and never separated.The suspect does not live in love and telling the two lovers, no lie, words and honey exposing the painting to life, who loved angels. But in the end love was to create a new life, fresh, and the same for both. They do not abandon what had been believed that the way it was.
Always thought that keeping their world was not the rock where the sea of ​​thought would have broken his disappointment.
Life can not be described. And they went on in that relationship, no one could see the future, imagine a utopian goal was.Nothing is now in the strange life and began to whisper words of truth. They felt the beginning of love that demands the creation of a new world, but nothing made them understand this. Jealousy climbed like ivy on walls slippery, made doubt of appearances, but in the bricks of the castle began to fall. They often look in the face and promised a change. Beautiful promise in the sign of something, but this promise was not made to themselves, but always and only to fill empty of fear of getting lost, wadding out and feel the cold truth.
Try and try again, but none that had been abandoned, the new world was now far away. The river of life caught now only tears and nothing would stop what he was now.
Everything was proof of life they said. Life did not want evidence, but the truth in love, and pay what was spilled into the river, the past.
They did not realize this and went on, wasting away as the ropes to the corners rubbed. Hours and hours of words to find the return to the passion that was there. Returns the end was unnecessary. It was only a matter of time, the separation is painful. Needless to live in what they can not grow and mature, plant the roses in the sand, they would never have given the wonder of a flower.
They said to try, the pride of one who loves you last to fall, but fall is now besieged by the mind which prevails at the heart always takes the voice and anger, nobody accepts defeat. It comes from a love to hatred, screaming to indicate guilt, but the faults are always equal and never odd.
One day the door slammed hard, it was morning, the two who went that was not important. It was not a conscious act among many is not made before. Love for love, but it asks you to create from scratch a new world where what was not fit and if it comes will be accepted and shared, life does not ask for love, but only the fusion of my ego, in a we that lives and grows without separating.
The infinity lives in love lives in us if we live we are to unravel the mystery to those who incontrimo in our feelings, we want to donate.

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