giovedì 7 luglio 2011

give love

Feel it in you ..Live it without asking, in essence comprendine the whole light, Donal ..Make the gesture that you did not think, do the act that was unthinkable and hear a reflection of the light beam in his return spread in you forever.
And he shall be called the love will be there, call your contention for not doing and she will laugh at you, you will call and nobody answers, you will only see in the flesh tremulous and beauty to be consumed in the act that there was no reason, unless the superficial pleasure, you will regret in the total and say the word hate, loneliness, and say you have often said.
Everything has a point of human comprehension, but call love is not to be involved, is a living will and imposing the will, you are not waves of the sea, six live sand if this stops and swept by the wind does not hear the calls. Be the light wave, once trying to be what they imagine to think, try it and see the unveiling of the mystery of not looking ...
Love is life, life is love, always, we are born in love and we have not asked, and this is eternal, everything reaches a climax and all returns, no one should be sorry for what he has done, if you called love and no one answered, and if you understood it was that you were listening to remember it was fate and not a universal law, every moment that changes the destiny will be, forever.
Experience the wave of touch that you give, live it and feel it penetrate you feel it's a reflection, and say, gives this and not think of the divine in you will not be absent from the act that you love the leader, and no one forgets him, even.Heard him come back and you'll understand ...
Love is not a word, not a rule, is not that feeling alive, never extinct, unimpeded, free, donate it remains in the sign of the return and believe in you and will understand the difference, that maybe have not understood, you will feel Total life flow in you, you and I will be there, but a deeper us. You will and you will be without words, that for the time they called and did not respond to that desire exposed, which is nothing but illusions that exceptions and often pain in the back, no one knows the absolute truth, but everyone can say I love you.

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