mercoledì 27 luglio 2011

From the hill I saw ..

Words from the heart forever devoted, took the pain from the heart and threw it to the stars, they shine in that moment.The man saw that he understood that his pain would change the world, the stars were waiting for the sign.He took heart from the fear of infinity and the launch night, the moon smiled.
The man in this umpteenth including gesture, that fear would no longer touch the feeling of life, hope was kindled in him.He sat down to observe the bright constellations in the night sky shone like never before. I watch endlessly and saw in him the change. She picked up the remaining coconuts, which were in the hearts of those who loved them were launched towards the infinite, which appeared in an instant glow. A star fell, and the wake was bright, the man realized that love was the hope of the universe. He reflected on the hill and realized that was a part of the infinite that surrounded him.
The tears pour his hope of the moment.The man from the hill of Mount Olympus that saw life from a distance. He knew now what it was, took his love, only feeling now and the launch was indefinitely. Everything went dark for a few moments. The eclipse began at night the silence of the world, everything was overshadowed, to remember the feeling of life.
The man laughed and within themselves, feel the happiness to touch the ends. The body was like reading at that time. Love was all over and he saw this infinity. The hill did not confess, did not say a word. The eloquent gestures that gave the infinite, were the words of all.The man sat down again and wondered if this would change the fate of people's lives, put his hands over his face, almost not wanting to see what would happen at dawn. Then he took his hands, the time dawn was still far away ..He observed the moon, and expressed a prayer. A sign of devotion to those smiles given away, emotions in a time that always had company.
I saw this man, he had no time, was without a past. This man was the future and the present, I saw him and never turned his word. He had lived all over, and for all. He said no words of creation, for him the past was only the beginning of everything. He said words, but I was far away then. I saw the man on the hill watching the world by launching her feelings forever.
The sentiments were all now, but he was careless, did those gestures to repeat, that love was only one place. I said nothing and he disappeared. A moment of solitude wash over me, then I exploded in laughter and everything is lit.
My dream was interrupted them.
I gave her a sense of this dream, perhaps bizarre, and perhaps true: the world is sad now, no blame can be given, we who are sad and perhaps we no longer believe in anything. I said - it is God who has many names -. And perhaps he was from the hill to launch signals, warnings of the time that we will be perceived, did not say words, it is true. But he is in us. I stayed clear signal that I felt more love in its different forms and in his different worlds. But love knows no differences, we who have spent the differences and perhaps, occasionally we have lost this feeling before, only to remember and embrace him again.Everything can have an interpretation, what remains is only that love, in his way, nothing is a mistake, the rest was a dream ..

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