giovedì 7 luglio 2011

I will live in the divine

Walk, where the sun rises, and sings odes to see that far sky, horizon at sunset, the colors that will be enchanted, you live in the divine, free man, and bare what was once the pride of life, that everything had given you.
Everything was and remained appearance of life, shining gold and riches, and you were the one who had this. I heard him, exposed him, but in the end you were just, everything was what you were looking for, no one put the truth in give you the right word, false, and sought to enter what they wanted, and you were flattered and proud, but ignorant of the truth . You have not created anything in this format you have in you a servant of your life, you think you are the boss, but you are a servant of what can stop now. Everyone knows it except you, who live in a world made of nothing, you can buy everything, dazzle everyone, but eventually shut down six inside, empty and useless. The hungry people are waiting to divide the slice of the pie, you do it just to have someone around you, you're afraid of the darkness in you do not know, and you pay all contours to escape the loneliness that created it.
Then comes the moment where you have to understand, that everything lives in prosperity and in almsgiving gifts that dish, you're in the middle of nowhere, you will sooner or later, in the center and it will happen, because nothing is forever in. The center will become clear when something will shake heaven evil you've built, and I will be waiting for your genuine tears, I will be proud of them waiting for you and you refuse the hand, unknown friend, then you will begin to fall and the total the abyss.
Comes the cry in the distance of your pain, the former friends will be there, you feel an outcast, and the truth of God in you, that you have excluded, to fill a void with money and appearances that are now as candles finished. You will be alone, and the illusion of life will laugh at you, little man. I live in the divine and stretch out his hand and then you accept it, with everything yourself and do not you ask for, it will fall the pride of the rich little man, humility instead of the glitz and the way you'd take, read and understand the words life .
The road was abandoned in yourself what you wanted and you had won, but you made the mistake of belonging to the number zero, that nothing generates and creates nothing, I had the opportunity and made it fall into your avarice, now have understood, that life is sharing prosperity and now dries the tears and the light live, that the hope of repentance donated. In pain you have opened the way, open your hands and shake mine, I'll raise the tired body and mind of torture is forcing you, and you say why you do, you will have no answer, no answer of whether life will donate the possibility of the way of truth, will accept the condition and the rest will walk you do, slow and painful. In you will find the heart that was cold, you'll see the bright soul and say I'm home now ...
I am no more, then, is over my being with you, I'll be wherever you want now, we will be in touch with your mind when you are in the universe and we'll see, but remember you're unique, be humble, and share what you have heard. Will laugh at you now, and you laugh with them, but time is an ally and all you see in the new man and radiant. Go back to your wealth and your brilliance, your words will be different and we will share your heart and life and prosper in the light, you will remember me and contact, broadcasting and live in the divine in you waiting sopiva of your fall , to hug and make you understand who you are, and what you should be now.
The word that is strong in you, you will say - I live in the divine in me, I bow to him-and this always donate at all, you will be in truth and love, now, do not think, begins with hope and remember ... you're not alone.

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