giovedì 14 luglio 2011

Energy of the mind of the full moon meditation

Energy you have in hand, you hold .. a circle, a gift that you offer, the thought that goes beyond that of normal existence.
Mysticism of a force that exists in us, an experience that is unique: The Meditation of the full Moon.
Pure Energy, which runs through the circle, people united by the hand, recite a mantra, 31 minutes of real harmony, where the outside world disappears, but the minds come together in unison, Wellness through the body and mind, peace supreme, that you spend or receive. This is to meditate, find the point in the infinite space, sent to see the good, people feel alive and be with my eyes closed, voices that you recognize as if ever, had been known to you, but it is not so, it is true harmony in a unique moment.
Feelings that words have, in the description too intense, well-being is rewarded, always giving, and is thought to be addressed, there is no selfishness, but energy, thought to people who are suffering, dying, this is to give, unconditionally to live a moment in giving a thought.
We basically what we are? If not what gives us the universal position, we set ourselves for our actions, the rest is nothing, we seek in ourselves, the elevation, but not if you do not have discipline, the only true and our guide the rest are words and promises remain.
I live and I say, the thought of a day of true harmony, full moon meditation, common, people like me, living yoga in its true essence.
One day one of you shall hear about Kundalini Yoga, but they will still be away, one day someone will tell you the beauty of Kundalini Yoga, it will still be away, one day, perhaps, try Kundalini Yoga, and they will love, peace, energy , if you want to be a beginning of a journey, a life that slowly finds his reasons, which give excellent balance, and peace. Only humility and humility, to understand life, not to be servants of an ego, but to dominate and be alive to see who we are, deep down, see the beauty of the gift, the essence of our true and deep awareness of the soul.

Being in that circle, hands joined, feel the pulse of life, the sap that blends between strangers, has only one word: UNITY '.Love all around, goes beyond the evil of life, pain and hypocrisy of those who believe in false words, there is a fullness, the fullness of life remains, giving someone silent.
To be united in a slow-moving brain, feel the warmth spread positive energy flowing in his little remains today to give those who need it, without asking to receive.
This is a point of principle, I would start, but words will never give a sensation in its fullness, will only be a short day of true harmony.
Dedicated to those who like me live to give, lives Kundalini Yoga, and believe in the infinite.

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