martedì 26 luglio 2011

About Us ...

Who we are, who we are, who we were ..Questions and more questions, more an understanding, and then not want it, we were in regret than we thought, in remorse ..
What remains .. Nothing.
Who we ask, then who responds? The faithless friend, he said then. Today antagonist of an open wound, almost sadistic his speech, talking about us, but that he exposes his lack. But we will say about us? As always backs' s support, his head bowed prostrate ourselves once again, the trick ...
Who we are and what we are, what matters to bottom, only to be uncertain, we say we are alone. But in the end the world turns ..
We have everything, perhaps nothing, friends? Doubts hidden from them and never are words that we, the understanding is far away and everything speaks of others.They prey breath, once again, let's move on. Questions that will arise, but in the end we will be few answers, bend the lives of timeless questions.
What I see now if I mirror? A body, a form of questions and where are they? There are now, this is a sign that says forward, lives in you all, made strong, do not wait. Stand up straight and you're, say nothing and stay straight.All you need to understand who we are, we're alive and this is the gift, the words are sharp, do not listen then. Feel in your deep and straight and are present now.
Find the meaning in meaninglessness. Is simply a breath, deeper with your eyes closed, is worth a thousand words spoken. Who says talk, and say, is to expose oneself. This is empty now. In the storm's probably better not to listen, to live is the only beach to rest, walk without feeling anything, lie down and be totally in the place where we arrive, merger .. Meditate.
Take a breath and do another, then you will see who you are, you will understand your value, everything is a breath .. Moment.Questions about questions, questions lead only to see the simple answer live and let it happen. The simplicity is that one day is a day to tomorrow? See it and do not ask, you'll understand who you are alone in front of the bet, and life is always a gamble.Uncertain and beautiful, that fear can do!
In each of us there are many more resources than we think. Who we are is the only one I have to say in everything and what I did not, I'll have. Self-confidence, a real alternative that no one takes time and ever.

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